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Identity Theft Protection Keeps an Eye on Your ID


  • Stay Ahead of Thieves

    Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in America, topping the Federal Trade Commission’s list of consumer complaints for several years. If someone steals your wallet, digs through your garbage or hacks into your computer, it could cost you thousands of dollars and countless hours to restore and repair what has taken you a lifetime to build: your reputation.

  • Add-On Coverage

    For just $25 per year, you can add Identity Services and Fraud Expense Coverage to your Farm Bureau homeowners, farm/ranch, and other property or liability insurance policies. Our goal is to reduce your risk for identity theft with quick detection and rapid response, but if the worst does occur and your identity is stolen, our experienced fraud specialists will work on your behalf to resolve the situation so you don’t have to do it alone. You can purchase coverage online now.


Your Identity Services and Fraud Expense Coverage includes:

  • Identity Credit Monitoring Services

    An innovative, early warning system monitors your credit report and notifies you by email (or text message) about key changes that may indicate fraud. If monitoring reveals unexplained credit file changes or you suspect fraudulent activity, you have access to a live, on-demand fraud specialist at Identity Theft®, who can help you prevent or resolve fraud and stop identity thieves.

  • Identity Preventative Services

    Proactive fraud specialist assistance locks out identity thieves with a free fraud alert. Experienced fraud specialists act quickly to stop identity thieves in their tracks if your wallet or purse is lost or stolen; your home or mailbox is burglarized; your ATM card PIN or computer passwords are compromised; or you’re the victim of a data breach. Additionally, specialists are on call 24/7 to protect the identity of a deceased spouse, and protect you during life events such as moving, getting married or divorced, or deploying in the military.

  • Identity Theft Resolution Services

    Despite thorough precautions, sometimes identity theft or account takeovers still happen. If they do, we’ll be there. You’ll receive complimentary, personalized identity theft resolution from a dedicated fraud expert at CyberScout™. Your fraud specialist will guide you through the entire process, step-by-step, handling notifications to credit bureaus, creditors and government agencies, and creating a comprehensive case file to aid law enforcement. You’ll also receive special assistance in case of medical identity theft or child identity theft.

  • Identity Document Recovery and Replacement

    If important documents for events like marriage, travel, divorce or relocation have been stolen, lost or destroyed by fire, or flood or other natural disaster, a specialist will help you obtain copies and emergency identification.

  • Tax Fraud Identity Services

    Fraud specialists can help you guard against tax-related scams or fraud, and help you recover should you become a victim. They will work with the IRS to initiate your fraud claim, provide documentation and substantiate your identity.

  • Identity Services and Fraud Expense Coverage

    This provides up to $25,000 fraud expense reimbursement per occurrence to cover identity restoration expenses such as attorney fees, loss of wages, mailing and phone costs, and more.

  • Identity Theft Education

    You’ll receive ongoing newsletters, articles, up-to-the-minute news alerts, tips and FAQs to keep you informed.

    Visit idt911.com/knowledgecenter for latest news about identity theft protection.

*Identity Services, including Identity Credit Monitoring Services, Identity Preventative Services, Identity Theft Resolution Services, and Identity Document Recovery, are provided by ​CyberScout, LLC (up to two per policy).


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